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BazarMama is different from other services, because we fetch your groceries from the same place you would: your neighborhood. This means that we direct your purchases to your local businesses, save time transporting your groceries to you, and get your the freshest fish, meat and veggies from your kaacha bazaar.

Starting out in Bashundhara

BazarMama is initiating operations in the Dhaka suburb of Bashundhara. As we ramp up operations, we plan to expand into other suburbs in Dhaka, and then other cities across the country. The plan is to bring the same level of convenience to our customers, and the same attention to detail to all localities we support.

Let us do your shopping

There could be a hundred reasons you don’t want to go grocery shopping. Maybe you’ve had a long day and a longer commute, and you just want some daalbhaat in peace. Or your little one needs help with her homework. Or it’s raining outside and you just don’t feel like heading out. Or maybe you […]

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